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Download Insta Videos and Photos is an Instagram Post Downloader tool which can help you to save Insta post including Insta Photo and Insta Video to your device in simple steps. You can Download Instagram Photos of any public account for free. SaveReel is a free Instagram Downloader Tool which works on all devices including phone, tablets and laptops.

Instagram does not allow its user to save Photos or Videos directly from Instagram to your phone. To download Instagram Photos or videos, you can use our SaveReel tool to save any photo or video from Instagram easily. SaveReel tool allows you to save any photo or video from Instagram on any phone (iPhone, Android) or laptop devices.

Best Instagram Downloader

SaveReel Downloader is an online downloader which can help you to download your favourite Instagram posts including reel videos, photos, IGTV videos, carousel posts. Download any IG post in any HD formats from Instagram to your phone in a few easy steps.

Insta Downloader powered by SaveReel helps you to download any public account post to your device. Just copy the post link from the Instagram app or website and paste the link into the input box on the SaveReel website and then you can download any Instagram post.

All in One Downloader tool by SaveReel works on any device or web browser, you can download all content type from Instagram easily without donwloading any App. It Supports download photos and videos in HD format on all devices.

Why to use SaveReel Video Downloader Tool?

Most of the people are searching for Insta Downloader on internet, but most of the tools are not working or they don't provide HD photo or video to download. On our SaveReel Downloader tool, you can download HD videos and photos from Instagram. You can also download multiple things like Reels, Video, Photos, Carousel posts and IGTV videos.

SaveReel is a simple and easy to use Instagram Video Downloader tool which can download any post of any public account. You just need to insert the post link into the input bar and you will get the HD format download link. It takes 2 to 4 seconds to get the content and then you can save the content to your device. The downloading speed is super fast which is a good user experience. Also the Save Reel Downloader tool is free to use. You can download unlimited post and videos, we don't charge you a single penny for downloading any video or photo.

How To Download Instagram Post?

You must follow these simple steps to download Insta posts including videos, and photos

Copy Link From Instagram

Open the Instagram App or Website and copy the link of the post you want to download from Instagram


Paste Link on SaveReel

Go back to SaveReel Website, and paste the link of the posyt inside the input bar


Click on Get Button

And last step click on the download button to download post and wait for the post to appear

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

This FAQ provides information on frequent questions or concerns about the downloader. If you still have some questions you can visit our contact page or reach to us via email.

It's an online web tool or web app which can help you to download Instagram posts including videos or photos.

Yes, But you can download only from public accounts. Downloading private posts through our Web App is not available.

Yes, from personal posts, it's possible to download Instagram posts. But you can download post for personal use. Downloading Instagram post is allowed as long as they are not utilized for commercial purposes.

Yes you can download Photos, Videos, Reels, and IGTV from Instagram for free.

No, you can download any public posts without logging in your account. SaveReel is a free service to use.